Project Manager at WSX Enterprise, LoToNo, UK

Moderator A Parallel Session: 14/11 – 13:45 – 14:30

As Project Manager for the Emerging Industries project LoToNo, it’s my job to lead our fantastic team and ensure we deliver the best service for our clients and stakeholders. I’m responsible for all aspects of managing the programme: from creating partnerships with clusters, businesses, and research and design organisations throughout Europe, to speaking, on a daily basis, to UK-based businesses who are keen to be part of LoToNo.
As an essential component of LoToNo, I run The Design Programme, a not-for-profit design and innovation management service which has worked with 1000s of businesses across the South of England. The Design Programme helps business owners and managers innovate and create well-designed products, services, communications, environments and brands that people love, that reduce environmental impact and that provide organisational success.
Before founding The Design Programme, I worked in the University sector, managing large-scale projects with multiple partners. I established an international MBA programme in Poland, with French and UK university partners and, before that, worked for the European Parliament in Luxembourg, Strasbourg and Brussels.
I thrive on bringing businesses together with other organisations, experts or resources, in order to help them achieve their objectives and maximise their potential.