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“Regional benchmarking in the smart specialisation process: Identification of reference regions based on structural similarity – S3 Working Paper Series No. 03/2014”, Mikel Navarro, Juan José Gibaja, Susana Franco, Asier Murciego, Carlo Gianelle, Fatime Barbara Hegyi and Alexander Kleibrink, 2014

“Emerging industries”: report on the methodology for their classification and on the most active, significant and relevant new emerging industrial sectors,, Erica Monfardini, Laurent Probst, Krisztina Szenci, Benoît Cambier & Laurent Frideres (PwC Luxembourg.), July 2012

“European Cluster Excellence Scoreboard – pilot version”, Laurent Probst, Erica Monfardini, Laurent Frideres, and Nuray Unlu Bohn (PwC Luxembourg,), September 2013

“Extension of the European Cluster Observatory: Promoting better policies to develop world-class clusters in Europe; Policy Roadmap Actions for new linkages needed, A policy roadmap for stimulating emerging industries”, European Forum for Clusters in Emerging Industries (EFCEI), 30 August 2013

“The S3 Platform Peer Rqeview Methodology – S3 Working Paper Series No. 02/2014” Report EUR 26262 En, Inger Midtkandal and Ruslan Rakhmatullin. 2014

“Regional Branching and Smart Specialisation Policy – S3 Policy Brief Series No. 06/2014”; Report EUR 26521 EN, Ron Boschma and Carlo Gianelle, 2014

“Preliminary report on KETs priorities declared by regions in the context of their work on Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation (RIS3)”; Report EUR 26150 EN; J ens Sörvik, Ruslan Rakhmatullin, Manuel Palazuelos Martínez, 2013

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