Emerging industries have a considerable potential to reshape Europe’s industrial landscape, contribute to growth and ensure long term competitiveness.  Evolving from new industrial value chains or from the transformation of existing industries, emerging industries are driven by key enabling technologies (KETs), new business models or societal and environmental challenges. However, in order to capitalise on the high growth potential of emerging industries it is necessary to understand them, provide them with a favourable policy framework and respond to their specific business needs.

Against this background, the conference “RINASCIMENTO: Emerging Industries – A New Engine for Growth” offers an opportunity to discuss, assess and showcase the state of affairs in emerging industries in Europe. Following a threefold objective, the conference will introduce stakeholders to the most important developments within emerging industries, present successful and promising policy support actions and provide room for discussion on business support measures and entrepreneurs’ needs. The conference shall target an audience from a policy level, a business support practitioners’ level as well as from an entrepreneurial level, including:

  • Policy makers in the fields of industrial, SME, entrepreneurial and economic policy
  • Representatives of cluster organisations, business organisations, industry federations, chambers of commerce and SME support and innovation agencies
  • Entrepreneurs, SME representatives, academics and other practitioners and experts in the field of emerging industries