European Commission’s Directorate-General Enterprise & Industry, Policy officer in Unit SMEs: Clusters & Emerging Industries

From Rinascimento to Emerging Industries – Foresight analysis on the impact of Emerging Industries: 14/11 – 16:30 – 17:30

Panel discussion and Q&A session with the audience: 14/11 – 17:30 – 18:15

Sociologist, writer and journalist, has been working for over thirty years in the sociological and market research field, is the president of Future Concept Lab and FCL do Brasil.
 He teaches at Domus Academy, at the Sole24Ore Business School and at Politecnico in Milan and, as a strategic consultant for various Italian and foreign companies, he has held courses and seminars in several Countries around the world.
He is the author of over 20 books including: “Italian Factor” (2014, paperback/Italian); “Eu Brasil” (2013, paperback/Brazilian); “Che cos’è il futuro” (2013, paperback/Italian) published also in Brazil as “O que è o Futuro”; “I Paradigmi del Futuro. Lo scenario dei Trend” (2011, paperback/Italian), “Paradigms of the Future. A Trends exploration” (e-book version in English, 2012); “Il Senso dell’Italia. Istruzioni per il terzo miracolo italiano” (The Sense of Italy. Instruction for the third Italian miracle, 2008); “Società Felici” (Happy Societies, 2004); “La Strategia del Colibrì” (The Hummingbird Strategy, 2001).
In addition, he is co-author of: “Consum-Authors: The generations as creative enterprises” (2008) published also in Brazil as “Consumo Autoral”; “Real Fashion Trends.The cool hunter guide” (2007); “Living Trends: The 5 scenarios and 10 trends of domesticity and living” (2005); “Body Visions: The 6 trends of well-being and beauty in the world” (2004) and many others.
He is a regular columnist for Adv, Interni, Mark Up and other specialized international magazines and journals. He participates on “Essere e Avere” by Radio24 with the weekly column “Italian Factor”.