European Commission’s Directorate-General Enterprise & Industry, Director for SMEs and Entrepreneurship and Deputy Special Envoy for SMEs

Emerging Industries and their role in Europe’s Industrial Renaissance: 14/11 – 09:45 – 10:3013/11 – 14:30 – 15:15

Joanna Drake has occupied her current position since 16th of January 2010. Since October 2005, she was Head of the European Commission Representation in Malta. During the preceding five years Joanna had been Company Secretary and Head of the Legal & Regulatory Department of Vodafone Malta Limited.
Before venturing into the telecommunications sector, Joanna’s professional career centered entirely around European Union matters, with an accent on law, which she taught and researched full-time for five years at the University of Malta. After obtaining her post-graduate qualifications in law from the College of Europe in Bruges, where she specialised in EU competition and internal market law, Joanna spent five years as Senior Legal Officer at the EU Directorate of the Foreign Office in Malta and a further year as Legal Research Officer at the Maltese Embassy in Brussels. As a core group member of MEUSAC (Malta-EU Steering and Action Committee) she was closely involved in the pre-accession negotiations between Malta and the European Union.