European Service Innovation Centre, Rambøll Management

Service Innovation – A Key Ingredient in Emerging Industries: 14/11 – 10:30 – 11:10

Kimmo Halme (Lic. Tech) works as Senior Advisor at Ramboll Management Consulting in Finland (part of international Ramboll Group). He has over 20 years of experience in the design, development and evaluation of innovation policy -related activities, having worked in research, for the Finnish government, as expert for the EU Commission, and for the past ten years as an innovation consultant.
Over the years he has been contributing to the research and innovation policies of several countries and international organisations, including many EU Member States, as well as in African, Latin-American and Asian countries. He is the chief editor of the recently published World Bank book on the Finnish Knowledge Economy 2.0.
Kimmo is heading the establishment of European Service Innovation Center (ESIC) for the European Commission DG Enterprise and Industry. In 2012 he facilitated the preparation of the first National Action Plan for Research and Innovation in Finland. He was part of the evaluation of Finnish Strategic Centers of STI, as well as of the peer-reviews of Estonian and Danish research and innovation systems. In 2013 he led the evaluation of the Finnish Government Foresight Process. He has also been chairing the evaluation committee of Strategic Innovation Programmes in Sweden in 2013-2014.