Chief Innovation Officer at Gruppo ROLD – Executive Controller at Elettrotecnica ROLD – President of the Network of Enterprises ROLD Research

Panel discussion and Q&A session with audience: 13/11 – 15:15 – 16:00

Born in 1964 and trained in Electronics and Management, (Scientific Secondary School, Electronics Engineer c/o University of Rome and a Master Training c/o SDA Bocconi Professional School), Paolo starts his professional career at the end of ’80 making bones, in the real meaning, as a “fighting consultant” in the Services selling. In 1994 founds, together with a friend and colleague, the Media Consulting company, firm that works in the fields of consulting and manufacturing of software solutions for small & medium business organizations. The same company evolves in the next years in the Solgenia Corp., still today one of the Italian point of reference in the sector of the business software solutions and, more in general, of ICT value added services, in which Paolo is Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Board. During those years he developed important skills technical/ICT on a side and accounting and enterprise management on the other.
He has indeed personally supported with success, with the role of Project Leader, the start-up of more than 100 ERP implementation projects in many manufacturing enterprises working in multiple industrial and market sectors improving his robust and diversified skills of process, management and controlling.
The end of 2008 marks a milestone in Paolo’s professional career. While remaining a supporter (and still shareholder) of Solgenia, he thought that the time had come for a new adventure and, above all, a new challenge. He decides to enter in the Top Management of the Gruppo ROLD, with the specific task to support and lead, together with shareholders, the important process of innovation and development that is moving the company from a “traditional” Italian family business manufacturing industry to an international Group. In this context he is living his substantial contribution to the strategy of expansion (China and Usa local offices) and empowerment of the offering (Rold Lighting and New Technology Divisions).
In his capacity of Chief INnovation Officer he has also supported the start-up of an innovative and pioneering venture such as ROLD Research in which he is now the President. In addition to the strategic roles he is in charge as Executive Controller and Member of the Board of the Industrial Company of the Group.
Married, three sons of 24, 17 and 13, Paolo during leisure loves to spend time with his family, reading a good book or in his favourites hobbies: music, that not only listens but plays also actively as a bass-guitar player (together with other colleagues and friends he has founded the ROLD Band), and sports at the gym with a special passion for running.