Experiences in attracting investment: 14/11 – 14/11 – 13:45 – 14:30

Paulo is a serial entrepreneur – Paulo has already created 6 companies in different areas, from IT to real estate – and is the person that initially pushed to start-up Kinematix, after detecting the opportunity and a prototype of a device that further become the first company’s product, during his master studies in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship, in the Faculty of Engineering from the University of Porto.
The company’s vision, ambitious, excitement and international strategy reflects his profound know-how, ambition, commitment and excitement about this venture and the market opportunities, and his leadership qualities and style allowed the company to be able to gather a committed and aligned team as well as a credible list of partners, supporters and advisors.
He has a degree in computer sciences and management and a master degree in innovation and technological entrepreneurship, from the University of Porto, Portugal. He began his career in 1988.